Will New Life sell my personal data to third party companies?
No, New Life does not sell Personal Data to third parties. We may provide aggregate information to our partners and other third parties in a way that does not identify you. For example, we may use our analysis of common route information to assist a local urban planner in identifying potential walking paths.

See How We Use Personal Data in our updated Privacy Policy for more details.

What personal data does New Life collect about me?
New Life collects information about you in a number of ways, including:

When you register with us, we collect registration and demographic details (e.g., name, username, password, email address, date of birth, and hometown).
When you use or interact with our Services, we collect Personal Data such as Performance Data and Location Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy).
When you connect with us through social media, we may collect certain account or profile information from that social media platform.
When you take surveys and enter challenges, promotions, contests, and sweepstakes, we may collect contact, demographic, eligibility, and other information required for participation in such activities.
When you engage with our online communities or with advertising on the Services, we may collect Personal Data over the course of such interactions.

See Information We Collect in our updated Privacy Policy for an expanded listing of the types of information that New Life collects about its end users.

What does New Life do with the personal data it collects about me?
New Life uses the Personal Data we collect from you in a number of ways, including to:

Operate our business and provide our Services to you.
Personalize your experiences on our Services, better understand our end users and gain end user insights.
Provide you with the means of access and usage of third party products and services.
Tailor our advertising and marketing.
Address security issues and to resolve disputes.
Communicate with you and respond to your requests.
Administer challenges, promotions, contests and sweepstakes.

See How We Use Personal Data in our updated Privacy Policy for more details on how we use Personal Data from end users.

Can I learn of what uses New Life intends to make of my personal data?
Of course, that is one of the purposes of a Privacy Policy. Our updated Privacy Policy specifically outlines our use of your Personal Data. See How We Use Personal Data in our updated Privacy Policy for more details on how we use your Personal Data and other data.

What Personal Data does New Life share with advertisers?
New Life may share Personal Data (in limited instances) or Other Information with advertisers to provide you with information on the products and Services that we think are most relevant to you and to enable us to measure the success of our advertising and marketing activities. See How We Use Online Advertising for additional information.

I’m Premium Member and I don’t want to accept the new Terms and Conditions of Use or provide my consent for the transfer of my data to the U.S., can I obtain a refund for any amounts prepaid for my Premium Membership?
To continue to use the New Life apps, you will need to accept our new Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy and provide your consent for the transfer of your data to the U.S. If you are Premium Member and do not want to accept the new Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy or provide your consent to the transfer of your personal data to the U.S., you may contact the Support Team and request a refund of any amounts prepaid for your Premium Membership.
How does New Life respond to law enforcement requests for the production of end user information and data?
New Life’s Legal Department carefully evaluates each request it receives from law enforcement authorities concerning the production of end user information and data and produces such information and data only in response to a valid request that complies with our Privacy Policy and applicable laws. See How We Disclose Personal Data – As Required by Law and Special Circumstances.

Can I choose which data will be shared with New Life?
Beyond what is required for registration, you can selectively use our Services in an effort to limit what information and data you share with New Life and other end users.

I don’t want to share my information with New Life, can I continue to use my Endomondo/MMF/MFP/UA Record account without accepting the new Terms and Conditions of Use?
No. However, you will still be able to access some of the incredible features and content available on our websites. Specifically, you can continue to gather insights and inspiration from our blogs and forums. You will also be able to view certain routes or workouts (set as public) and events, search for food, and use our calorie calculators.

How can I be removed from New Life’s database?
You can delete your account at any time. The new Account and Privacy Center includes specific information on how to do this for each New Life platform. Alternatively, you can instruct the Support Team to delete your account. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to recover your Personal Data.

Will my personal data still be stored on servers in the EU or will my data be moved to servers in the US?
Your information and data will be stored on US servers. This allows us to provide you with the most innovative and integrated New Life services. See How We Disclose Personal Data in our updated Privacy Policy for more details on disclosure.

How is New Life handling data transfer from the EU, what is going on with Safe Harbor?
New Life. continues to self-certify that that we comply with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal data from European Union member states and Switzerland. New Life. adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. In addition to participating in the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework, New Life uses data-processing agreements and model contract clauses as an additional means of meeting the adequacy and security requirements of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union Data Protection Directive.

New Life Safe Harbor certification does not extend to New Life Applications (in other words, the certification does not cover data collected using New Life App). However, the technical and organizational measures implemented by New Life to protect security, data integrity, and access any Personal Data collected using New Life applications strives to meet the standards outlined within New Life’s Safe Harbor certification.

In light of recent developments in Europe surrounding data transfer and in order to enhance transparency, in the near term, you will be asked within the New Life Applications for your consent to the transfer the data to the US. Concurrently, New Life will be working towards meeting one of the other mechanisms for legally transferring data to the US.

Will New Life offer the US government “backdoor” access to user data?
No. See How We Disclose Personal Data – As Required by Law and Special Circumstances.

What security measures are in place to protect user data from being exposed to hackers?

New Life hosts its platforms within modern data centers, using industry-standard web technologies including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for confidential communications between our users and each platform. New Life endeavors to follow web security guidelines based on OWASP Top Ten (Open Web Application Security Project), and CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration).

Does any of the data collected and stored by HealthBox or UA Record require New Life to be HIPAA compliant?

No. Interestingly, HIPAA is focused on the type of entity that is collecting and sharing health information and not on the collecting of the information. At this time, New Life’s activities and collection of data are not governed by HIPAA. But they are governed by many other privacy laws and requirements – we recognize that your Personal Data is important to you and we take privacy and data security seriously.

New Life says information can be shared with my doctor, that doesn’t require HIPAA certification?

One of the great things about our services is you can choose who you share your information with, and you can share with anyone you are connected with on the New Life platforms. That includes your doctor. We won’t share your data with a doctor unless you choose to allow us to do that. HIPAA does cover your doctor, but not New Life.